Dear Students,

 Many of you are aware of the dental problems affecting patients who use methamphetamine. One of our clinic patients told his student and  me  about his struggles with and eventual recovery from this highly addictive substance about fifteen years ago. He received complete dentures at age 22. It has become apparent that this problem is not going away anytime soon.

Unfortunately it is really tough to stop using meth, and by the time people are able to do so they frequently have lost a good many or all of their teeth. Because teeth are our business it seems that you might be interested in a few resources that could be helpful to you.

Attached to this email is a document written by two dentists in the Albuquerque area, Drs Charles Tatlock and Stephen Wagner. They have given us permission to share this document with anyone in a health care setting. It is posted on our website if you should need it in the future.

Additionally, here is a link to a really interesting video, also on our school website:

This video was produced by a Northern California dentist, Mitchell Goodis. Mitch has treated scores of patients who use methamphetamine, and he is happy for dental students to use his work to inform themselves, friends and loved ones about this concern. He has presented at CDA meetings and is a riveting speaker.

 If any of you would like to become involved in community outreach/ patient education in this area, or learn more about the dental effects of methamphetamine, please let me know. I’m looking for ways in which our community can help this vulnerable demographic. Students often have really good ideas!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Lola Giusti 

Lola Giusti DDS, MA, FACD, FICD
Associate Professor
Department of Dental Practice
Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry

I intend this section of our website to be an authoritative source of information on Methamphetamine use and abuse.  All persons photographed for this presentation have signed a comprehensive photo release, allowing these images to be used and shared.  Feel free to pass on any information in this site, especially if it dissuades individuals from beginning use of this dangerous drug.  

​The following is a letter from Lola Giusti, an associate professor at the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry.  She warns aspiring dentists of the dangers of Methamphetamine use and includes a link to the educational video that my staff and I produced.  Entitled "Crystal Meth:  The Wrong Road", please feel free to copy it, download it, and circulate it to as many people that you know, especially those that have children , relatives, siblings friends, associates, spouses, or family members that may need protected from starting use of this drug.      This is our drug prevention website:  This is excellent for School reports and research on Methamphetamine use.  Photos from our site have been used by MSNBC Additionally, we developed a hard hitting video using real dental patients from our office:  (paste this onto your browser and learn about Crystal Methamphetamine use and abuse!  (Video by and Music by Andrew Herringer, a distinguished graduate of Union Mine High School)

Mitch Goodis, DDS 

32 Reasons to NOT do Methamphetamine

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